225px-1st_MARDIV_2_insignia.pngSitting on the train to Chicago, I  suddenly felt adrift. I had lived through a most exciting time of my young life. It dawned on me that this was the end of that phase.  I looked upon the Marine Corp as a big brother, a guide and protector. Now it was time for me to forge ahead.

By the time we reached Chicago I had determined that one of my talents was in art, as it was when I was much younger. After a couple of years at various jobs and some drafting courses I met and married Anne in St. Louis, MO. And enrolled in the School of Architecture at Washington University.  I became a licensed Architect and have worked on many successful projects.  My wonderful wife was most helpful and requires my deepest thanks.

My son and daughter encourage me and gave me the inspiration to write and finish these chronicles before it was too late.  All this reminded me once again of my constant love for The United States Marine Corps.